Turn Your iPhone Into A Portable Console With Hawkeye

It’s been a long time since a portable console was introduced. Yes, it is true that there are the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, but in the case of the first are variants and “refritos” that are coming out every little bit to be renewed, and in the case of the second is a console more focused to plug it into the television (here you do not see too many switch on the street).


To fill that gap that they have been leaving, there are companies that have been taking advantage of solutions with the most powerful handheld devices that we can access, smartphones. One of the companies in charge of making an accessory that can make of our mobile in portable consoles is Richbox with its Hawkeye product. You could even download videos from internet and watch them. User could download itube apk, install and use it to download videos online.

Hawkeye is an accessory with form of control focused to the iPhone, mainly to the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus. From the company say that it will work with all TOP games in the Apps store.

Hawkeye has a thickness of only 3mm and a weight of 84 grams, making it one of the finest and lightest controls on the market. Although they are so fine, they claim that their autonomy gives more than 50 hours of play, although that will have to be seen. With this accessory, we will make iPhone shell-shaped, 3DS type.


Its technical specifications are:

  • Dimensions of 161.3 x 86.75mm
  • Weight of 84.5 grams
  • 210mAh battery
  • Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
  • Micro USB charging port
  • 1.5 hours charging time
  • Battery Status Notification LEDs


This product is expected to come out in Indiegogo, so it will be a great opportunity to be able to get one of these with a big discount and / or offer thanks to crowdfunding. We will be attentive to what may happen.

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How To Download Netflix Movies & TV Series?

Netflix is hot. Many users are already subscribers to this streaming and series viewing service. But many people do not know that, in addition, they can  download  many of the series and movies to see later, without Internet connection. No one knows for sure how many subscribers Netflix has in Spain (there are surveys, but do not stop being that, surveys). What is clear, and indeed is recognized by the entire industry, is that Netflix , along with the competition of Rakuten TV , HBO or Filmin , among others, have helped reduce piracy. Instead of all this, you could even get the 123movies downloader.

Watch Movies & Series Easily


Once for many users, the simplest was to go to the Internet and illegally download audiovisual content. Now, it’s even easier to watch movies and series legally,  thanks to platforms like Netflix, which for a monthly fee (from about 8 euros) allow unlimited viewing of your catalog.

However, in order to enjoy these contents you always had to have an Internet connection  : it was a streaming vision, that is, while you were connected to the network you could see the series or movie, as it was downloaded as you You see her, right now.

However, in December 2016 the Los Gatos (California) company decided to add an option at no extra costto its movie and series download customers on their devices . And best of all is that it is the sea of ​​simple.


It is, therefore, a legal form of downloading of contents , which, for reasons of rights, does not apply to the whole catalog , but to a good part of the films and series that it offers.

In addition, it is necessary to point out that it is a temporary download : the content is self-destructive in a few days (usually a week, but depends on the title) so that it does not occupy memory unnecessarily. After that time, if desired, the user can re-download the series or movie in the same way that it did.

The title, by the way, is downloaded with all available audio and subtitle languages  and can only be played in the same Netflix app.

We went on to explain how to download series and movies from Netflix,  both on the Android platform and iOS .

How to download Netflix movies and series on Android

We will use an Android mobile with the Netflix application installed for this tutorial .

Before starting the download, it is advisable to configure where we want the movies or series to be saved. If you have a large capacity mobile phone, you can choose the internal memory . If not, better on the SD card. To configure it, after starting the Netflix app and identifying ourselves, we must click on the icon of the three horizontal rails that appears at the top left (menu icon), and then select Application Settings .

Here are some interesting options, but the one that interests us is the Download Location . In it we can select either the card or internal memory.

Once configured, we go back to look for the series or movies that we want to see then offline. We chose in our case the series The Crown.

Once found and selected, in the menu of the series itself, we move to the bottom, where the list of chapters appear.

In each chapter, on the right, we see an arrow icon pointing down. It is the one of the content download . If we want to download an episode, press on the icon and the download will start.

Below is a message that the download is taking place . It will take more or less depending on the duration of the content and the connection.

Once completed, we will see that the icon has changed to the silhouette of a mobile with a blue check. It means that it has been downloaded and we will be able to see it offline at any time from this same screen.

There is also an option to go directly to the downloaded contents and view them in list form. To do this, go to the main menu and select My downloads .

How to download Netflix movies and series on iOS

In the case of iOS , we will use an iPad for this tutorial, although it is the same process and steps in the case of the iPhone app.

The first step, of course, is to open the Netflix application and choose our user account.

  1. We look for the series or movie that we want to download. In our case, we chose Stranger Things.
  2. In the presentation screen of the series in question, we go down to where the chapters appear There, to the right of each of them, we will see a Download icon (an arrow pointing down) if the content is ‘downloadable’. As is the case, we proceed to download it. The download time will vary depending on the content and connection we have.

We are shown a blue bar at the bottom informing of the download. When finished, the download icon changes to that of a mobile device with a blue check mark. We already have it downloaded.

We can see it offline by pressing on the Play on the same page of the series where we are.

To see all our downloads, there is an option in the user menu. It is accessed by pressing the top left icon (the three horizontal rails) and selecting My downloads. There appears the episode that we just downloaded and others that we have downloaded in the past. Also expired, which can be erased.


As we have seen, downloading movies and series from Netflix is very simple .

In this way, we can enjoy these contents without having to have an Internet connection  . And always legally.

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How To Download YouTube Videos To iPad From Mac?

YouTube has an option to download your videos offline, but is a feature reserved for those who subscribe to your premium plan. And some of you may be wondering how to download some of those videos to see it on your iPad , comfortably in your holiday destination even if it has no internet connection.

It’s no nonsense: some authors hang videos of several hours on YouTube, so we have to get rid of that image we usually have from a portal service with only videos of absurd memes and kittens. But one thing is to say that we want to download those videos on our iPad, and another quite different is to get it. Is there any way?

Download YouTube videos: Softorino Video Converter or

The bad news is that there is no direct way to do it . That is, we can not take our iPad and download videos from YouTube in your local storage through some application. We have to use a Mac in addition to having the tablet.

Softorino Youtube Converter

And in Mac there is some application that saves us steps, such as the one recommended from Cult of Mac called YouTube Converter. This utility takes care of everything: just that you have the iPad connected to the Wi-Fi network in your home or connected by cable to the Mac. Just copy the URL of a YouTube video to the clipboard of macOS, you will have the option to convert And move that video directly to the iPad . You only need one click.

It is very likely the most comfortable option to download videos to the iPad, but of course, it has a price: 22.95 euros . Is there a way to do this for free? There is, but then we have to use two tools instead of one. Peggo iOS version is yet to be released.

I get

We can download the videos using the web Peggo , which only has to paste the URL of the above and will offer us the option to download the original video in MP4 format. This video will be saved as a file in the Finder, so we will have to take the extra step of moving it to our iPad manually.

Manually download videos: iTunes or VLC

We can do it with the same iTunes , opening the application and dragging the video to our library to then synchronize it and that is saved in the iPad Videos app. Or if you do not want to hear about iTunes, you can always transfer the video using VLC.

This player has a tool called Wi-Fi Sharing that will do us perfect: always from the same local network we can open an IP address that will tell us the program on our Mac. In the web that appears, we can drag any video file to Which is stored on the iPad. In addition, VLC accepts formats that iTunes is not able to play, such as MKV.

You can find this option of sharing via Wi-Fi in the left sidebar of the player on the iPad, by clicking on the application icon on the upper left. Copying videos in VLC will allow us to see them when we want them offline, and if we use Peggo the process will be free. Comfort or savings, you have the freedom to choose. 

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Florida Deputy: Planting Evidence and Lying is Part of the Game!

One of the biggest defenses in contraband cases are that law enforcement officers planted evidence and lie to make their arrests. These cries from defendants are largely ignored by all parties involved, including the juries because of psychology. When it is the word of a defendant against the law enforcement officer, people have been conditioned to rely on the word of authority as truth. The question is, should this be the case?
One of our editors stumbled across a web site where local law enforcement deputies are free to post, and do so with 100% anonymity. In this web site, they exchange tactical information, procedural tips and methods to use to gain compliance of subjects or to arrest them for being difficult.

One such post, titled Tricks of the trade lets exchange!” was started by a deputy who wrote,

“I have a method for getting people off the street that should not be there. Mouthy drivers, street lawyers, assholes and just anyone else trying to make my job difficult. Under my floor mat, I keep a small plastic dime baggie with Cocaine in residue. Since its just residue, if it is ever found during a search of my car like during an inspection, its easy enough to explain. It must have stuck to my foot while walking through San Castle. Anyways, no ones going to question an empty baggie. The residue is the key because you can fully charge some asshole with possession of cocaine, heroin, or whatever just with the residue. How to get it done? I asked Mr. DOE for his identification. And he pulled out his wallet, I observed a small plastic baggie fall out of his pocket You get the idea. easy, right? Best part is, those baggies can be found lots of places so you can always be ready. Dont forget to wipe the baggie on the persons skin after you arrest them because you want their DNA on the bag if they say you planted it or fight it in court.”

This revelation started off a wave of other postings on what police officers do to put people in jail. This includes planting evidence and falsifying official reports used to lock suspects up. We left a post asking for the original poster to contact us anonymously and if certain conditions were met, we would interview him. We were contacted by a person, who we will refer to as Joe Deputy. Joe provided us evidence proving his law enforcement status and employment through the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. He has been employed as a law enforcement officer for in excess of 15 years. He agreed to speak with us on the condition of anonymity, the condition we don’t ask him about anything he’s done directly, and referring to him by an alias, which we agreed to do.

Jeffery Schultz: You posted about arresting people for drugs that they didn’t have. Does planting evidence like this take place at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office?

Deputy Sheriff: Um, yes it does, on a regular basis. Probably every day in my shift. I work nights on the Road Patrol in a rough, um, mostly black neighborhood. Planting evidence and lying in your reports are just part of the game.

Jeffery Schultz: “Did you observe with some frequency this …  this practice which is taking someone who was seemingly not guilty of a crime and laying the drugs on them?”

Deputy Sheriff: Yes, all the time. It is something I see a lot of, whether it was from deputies, supervisors or undercovers and even investigators. It’s almost like you have no emotion with it, that they attach the bodies to it, they’re going to be out of jail tomorrow anyway; nothing is going to happen to them anyway. One of the consequences of the war on drugs is that police officers are pressured to make large numbers of arrests, and it’s easy for some of the less honest cops to plant evidence on innocent people. The drug war inevitably leads to crooked policing — and quotas further incentivize such practices.  It doesnt help that your higherups all did the same thing when they were on the road. Its like a neverending cycle. Like how molested children accept that as okay behavior and begin molesting children themselves.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw gives the nod to deputies and other law enforcement agents of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to falsify reports and planting evidence on suspects.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, under fire for many cover ups and controversies in his agency

Jeffery Schultz: Is this taught in your training academy?

Deputy Sheriff: It is not a part of the course work, but many of the Field Training officers give life lessons in how to stay out of trouble or how to stay ahead of a suspect when it comes to planting evidence or writing your reports. My training officer, who is no longer at the Sheriff’s Office, would keep narcotics and a gun in his car in case he needed to put pressure on a suspect. We also regularly review the facts before writing our reports to make sure our reports match the facts as we present them. By doing this, we can present them in any way we want.

Jeffery Schultz: Has anyone ever been caught doing this? If so, what have your top bosses done about it?

Deputy Sheriff: Top bosses? It’s a joke, right?

Jeffery Schultz: No, why do you say that?

Deputy Sheriff: Our top boss, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, supports this behavior and has for his entire career. As with anything, it depends on who you know in our agency. Last year, we had three deputies on the TAC unit, Kevin Drummond and Jarrod Foster, get caught falsifying information for a warrant. They got a pat on the back for a job well done. Just recently, we had a deputy, I think his name was Booth. He was caught completely lying on a car crash. Back a few more years, our Sheriff was involved a massive coverup of the death of two black deputies. He hid the report for years. This is only the beginning. The Sheriff has been involved in falsification of documents and his underling, Chief Deputy Michael Gauger, has been personally involved in an overtime scandal to steal money from the Sheriff’s Office. Does our Sheriff know about this behavior? Of course he does. We have even had a judge outright accuse my agency of committing fraud upon the court in a public hearing. She was one of the ones who saw through all the lying and covering up our department does to get away with the internal crime committed by deputies on a regular basis.

Jeffery Schultz: What about planting evidence? Does Sheriff Bradshaw support that also?

Deputy Sheriff: Look, what you have to realize is that you do this at your own risk. Most supervisors look the other way, but occasionally some will not. Then what are you going to do if that supervisor writes a memo to IA? Its better just to keep it to yourself and your road patrol partners or unit partners. It is not something we advertise because we have some supervisors that are angels and don’t have what it takes to do the job. Besides, we don’t brag about what we do because you don’t want those rumors out there. Still, Sheriff Bradshaw was caught a few years back ordering detectives to falsify evidence to implicate a black man in a robbery. This is why when his deputies do get caught in the middle of a scandal like planting evidence or lying on reports, he generally looks the other way and instructs Internal Affairs to sweep it under the run, unless he doesnt like you.

Jeffery Schultz: You have proof of this?

Deputy Sheriff: It was testimony by his own chief. His own chief made this admission, in addition to making the admission Sheriff Bradshaw used to steal firearms from the evidence room. It was always speculated guns he would steal these were to plant on suspects.

Jeffery Schultz: So, planting of evidence, is this prevalent in law enforcement agencies?

Deputy Sheriff: I can’t speak for other agencies really, because I have been, you know, with the same agency from the very beginning. We have had guys come work here from new places and they always had new creative ways to get things done. So I suppose yeah, it is common everywhere. Our agency is, um, we are being sued for it right now. It will never make it to court though. There is a cap on what you can win from a law enforcement agency of $200k but our Sheriff, well, he regularly settles out of court for much more than that. It is a way to keep the misdeeds of his deputies from ever reaching the light of day. You know, because these settlements, they are all confidential. I could ony imagine how many millions are paid out in confidential settlements every year. The taxpayer would cry I am sure.

Jeffery Schultz: Get things done?

Deputy Sheriff: Yes. Sometimes we have a guy running his mouth. Or, um, Sometimes we get a tricky situation where no one has broken the law but you know if you leave, well, you will know you just be right back trying to resolve the problem, like at domestic despute. It happens all the time and you cant force either party to leave but you know violence is imminent after you turn around and go. Well, and then sometimes we get a guy who keeps getting off but we know is guilty for something so deputies get things done. They might find a baggie of narcotics on the suspect and take him in. It’s done every day here and no one asks questions. We get complaints to IA on it all the time but they always make it go away. It’s a team effort and like they say, you can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride.”

Jeffery Schultz: You mentioned specifically implicating a black person. Does your agency target based on race?

Deputy Sheriff: I wouldnt say target based on race but is is, you know, um, it is much easier to do this on a black person because they have no credibility anyways. The charges stick better to blacks than to a rich white guy that can afford a lawyer. That is one school of thought. Then you still have the deputies who like doing it to the rich white guys because they say it removes the smug look from their faces. They get their kicks from the power like its a game. Most cops though, they, um do it to get bad guys off the streets. The last group of deputies do it for personal gain.

Jeffery Schultz: Personal gain? Like what?

Deputy Sheriff: Sometimes a deputy will use the threat of planting, you know, dope on a person to get some cash or something from the perp. Uh, like a few hundred bucks can make the problem go away. Its pretty rare but it happens. Usually its the deputies that live large and need supplemental income. They tend to keep it really quiet because thats like, you know, really bad stuff. We even had a guy put the suspect in the back of his green and white [patrol car]to drive him to an ATM machine. We were all like what the hell is he doing? And another time a deputy arrested a guy for possession after he said he found the baggie on the guys floor board. Then he, um,  he didnt charge the guy in exchange for oral sex from the guys wife. I thought that was, you know, really wrong. Taking things just too far. Way to far. But I kept my mouth shut because,  you know, you cross that line even a little and you dont have the right to complain about those crossing it a bit more.

Jeffery Schultz: This is terrible stuff they are doing. Just terrible.

Deputy Sheriff: Yes, um it can get pretty bad. Most of our deputies wouldnt ever think of doing that or going that far but a few, you know, there are a few bad apples in every bunch.

Jeffery Schultz: You said Beat the ride? What does that mean?

Deputy Sheriff: Yes, it means you might be able to beat the charges against you but you can’t beat spending the night in jail or the trouble of going through the legal system.

Jeffery Schultz: But what about the innocent people? The ones who have had narcotics planted in their possession by a deputy who end up in jail because of it?

Deputy Sheriff: These people aren’t innocent. If we are dealing with someone, there is a reason for it. We don’t really interact with members of the law abiding public.

Jeffery Schultz: Are there any red flags that would indicate someone had been arrested for drugs they didn’t possess or that officers were planting evidence?

Deputy Sheriff: Not really. Planting evidence is done in such a way it can’t be disputed. Before we write our reports, we can review all the evidence. When our fellow deputies write their supplemental reports, they usually wait until the primary officer writes his report and then uses the facts from those reports. There is no independent recollection ever, and this is standard procedure everywhere. Chances are, if you are reading a police report, you are reading a well thought out, well-rehearsed story that has little in common with what actually took place.

Jeffery Schultz: How does this Sheriff keep his job? Dont the people in your county become outraged?

Deputy Sheriff: The people in our county wear blinders. They dont care what we do or if deputies are planting evidence as long as they keep believing the lie their crime is going down and they are protected. They only care about themselves and pretty much, that is fine with us. We get some of the highest salaries in the country, incredible benefits and cars that we can use for our personal use any time we want. No matter how bad our deputies think Sheriff Bradshaw is, money talks and as long as it keeps flowing into our bank accounts, we arent going to make any waves. And um, it is quite the opposite. Almost every civilian employee of the Sheriffs Office who voluntarily worked on the Sheriffs campaign got a nice, shiny unmarked county take home car they use when ever they want and gas paid for by the tax payer. Were talking like 150 cars or something completely obscene like that. Who is going to want that to go away?

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw gives the nod to deputies and other law enforcement agents of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to falsify reports and planting evidence on suspects.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw testifies before a committee to raise his half-billion dollar per year budget while paying excessive salaries and benefits to campaign supporters

Deputy Joe went on to say how the leaders, at the Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, including Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, threatens street cops if they don’t make enough stop-and-frisk arrests, “but also tell them not to take certain robbery reports in order to manipulate crime statistics.” He continued, Places like Wellington and Boca Raton and other places under contract need to show how the Sheriffs Office reduces the crime and manipulation of the crime codes is an easy way to do it. Joe also stated how command officers routinely call crime victims directly to intimidate them about their complaints.

It should be noted in addition to interviewing Joe the Deputy, we performed independent research and linked to documents and articles that support his claims. Be sure to check the included hyperlinks throughout the article.

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